I Funny

Jamie Grimm, a middle schooler and wannabe comedian, invites you on his journey in this illustrated novel by James Patterson. Full of laughs and heartwarming moments, this book will leave you ready to start cracking some jokes of your own. 


Diary of a Wimpy Kid

In this well-known series, Greg Heffley tries his hardest to become popular in middle school. Written like a diary, this book is guaranteed to make you laugh with every page. 



One day, Nick decides to create a word.  Who says a pen has to be called a pen? Why not call it a frindle? It doesn't take long for this word to spread, and his teacher begs him to put an end to it. But frindle doesn't belong to Nick anymore, and there's nothing he can do to stop it. This story helps you understand the power of words through plenty of crazy humor. 

No Talking

They are the noisiest, most talkative, and most competitive fifth graders in history. When the boys challenge the girls to see who can go longer without talking,the contest spreads throughout the school. Even the principal joins. But fifth graders weren't meant to stay silent, and this story shows the hilarious effects of trying to communicate without talking.  

Sideways Stories from Wayside School

There was a terrible mistake.Wayside School was built with one classroom on top of another, thirty stories high! (The builder said he was sorry.) Maybe that's why all kinds of funny things happened at Wayside-especially on the thirteenth floor.In this wacky collection of stories, you will never see what's coming next.

How to Eat Fried Worms

15 days. 50 dollars.The catch? Billy has to eat one worm per day. Will he be able to carry out the bet? Better yet, will he enjoy it? In this classic story, be prepared to be grossed out and have a few good laughs at the same time.    

Dork Diaries

Nikki Maxwell is starting eighth grade at a new school—and makes sure every hilarious moment is written down in her diary. Packed with funny comics and doodles, this book is the definition of FUN. 


Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

"Two is a crowd when Peter and his little brother, Fudge, are in the same room. Grown-ups think Fudge is absolutely adorable, but Peter and his pet turtle, Dribble, know the truth. From throwing temper tantrums to smearing mashed potatoes on the wall, Fudge causes mischief wherever he goes!" And there's nothing funnier than reading about a troublemaker.






Clementine knows she is a good person. Everyone else, however, does not agree. It doesn't help that she cut off someone's hair.

No matter what Clementine does next, she will have you rooting for her and laughing at the same time. 



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